Crown Royal Apple Whiskey.

I worked with the team from Golden Wolf on a clip for Crown Royal Apple Whiskey that aired on TV in the USA. I created still frames that were inspired by things like 80's disco, classic paintings, Escher... This project is a little different from my usual style but it is always fun stretching my skills in design. 

These frames were put together frame by frame and therefor created a stop motion like video that supported the live-action shots.

Crown Royal Scene Classic Disco
Crown Royal Scene Classic Flowerbed
Crown Royal Scene Classic Shopping Channel
Crown Royal Scene Classic 70's Movie Poster
Crown Royal Scene Classic Claw Machine
Crown Royal Scene Neon
Crown Royal Scene Collage
Crown Royal Scene Datamosh
Crown Royal Scene Classic Painting
Crown Royal Scene Inflatable
Crown Royal Scene Escher
Crown Royal Scene 1 Marble
Crown Royal Scene Iced Out
Crown Royal Scene trim

Credit List. 


Anomaly, New York

Production Company.
Golden Wolf

Executive Creative Director - Ingi Erlingsson
Executive Producer (New York)  - Dotti Sinnott
Executive Producer (London) - Tan Baptista
Art Director - Stefan Falconer
Design/Boards - Sammy Moore
Design- Jonas Devacht, Joao Lavieri, Siena Allison
3D Design/Animation - Rory McLean
2D Animation - Bishoy Gendi,  David Feliu
Compositor - Ian Pinder, Craig Maxwell
Production Assistant - Kuba Sobieski, Sophie Omer-McWalter

Psyop / Blacklist  (Golden Wolf Representation).
Managing Director: Adina Sales
Chief Executive Producer: Justin Booth-Clibburn
Executive Producer: Andrew Linsk

Live Action.
Live-Action Producer - Ruaidhri Ryan
First AD - Bryony James
DP - Denzil Armour Brown 
Focus Puller - Oleg Poupko
Gaffer - Matthew Moffat
Spark - Max Halstead
Video Playback - Jack Driver 
DIT - Rosie Taylor
Asst. Production Designer - Will Vincent 
Art Dept - Scott Kennedy
Makeup - Giada Venturini 
Wardrobe - Isabelle Cook
Runners - Akay Delano, Liam Coles
Talent - Shamoni Williams, Obi Williams, Folashade Omishola, Akeim Toussaint, Pablo De La Cruz

Executive Producer: Lauren Flack
Mixer: Geoff Strasser

Lex Junior "Spicy Tunaz"


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