Personal Branding.

When I decided to go freelance, I wanted to have a coherent visual language that was representative of me and my work. It is important for me that in every form of communication, online & offline, the same visual language reappeared and is linked to me as a freelance illustrator. 

My personal brand is inspired by a variety of different things such as my real-life experiences, personal interests, street art, living in NYC but most importantly by the mail that connected me, my family and friends when I was abroad. 

I felt like this design system of the post, postcards, stamps, cards envelopes... was a perfect framework to work with for my own personal brand. It gives me an opportunity to express myself as an illustrator who thinks further than just a pretty picture, and it also allows me to create something tangible linked to me personally.  

Self Initiated

Art Direction.
Jonas Devacht

Release Date.
December 2019 

Personal Branding Logo
Personal Branding Star Logo
Personal Branding Outline Logo
Branding Illustration collage
Personal Branding Detail Skull
Personal Branding Detail Girl
Personal Branding Detail Jonas
Greetings Card
Business cards
Personal branding email design
Personal Branding Shirts

Recent Works.

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Phone: +32 475 81 78 89

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Feel free to get in touch in any way if you have any questions, would like to collaborate on a project or just grab a coffee/beer, I'm all ears. 

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